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Are you tired of paying too much for heating oil and electricity? A Pennsylvania based firm is introducing a hybrid system that allows homeowners to make their own power & bypass the utility company. Utility companies continue to raise rates, which frustrates the budgets of many Americans. This PA Company has introduced a way for a growing number of Americans to place power production into their own hands by building a miniaturization of the same system the power company uses.  It is called Odyssey Power Technology System (OPTS). This breakthrough miracle reveals how you can generate your own power. is a website of an Allentown firm, who has hired the services of Odyssey Energy Systems Group, both companies are dedicated to teaching people how to build a system that will generate power using no gasoline, natural gas, or coal, leaving no carbon footprint.  Proven technologies have been combined to build a system that will generate a/c current that can be used by the homeowner directly. This OPTS system operates independently of the utility company. The OPTS system will continue to function, even when the power utilities grid is interrupted by storms & power outages. No more need for generators, which are also very costly to use. The amount of the power produced can be predetermined. In Net Metering states, the excess power can be sold back to the power company, thereby reducing the return on investment (ROI). The developer, Odyssey Green Energy Group,  2983 Seemsville Road, Northampton, PA was founded in 2011. Odyssey specializes in reducing energy consumption by employing hybrid systems, including the production of diesel fuel from algae


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What you will receive: Online Membership, which will allow you to access the following: Help save the planet by learning how to make power without the use of fossil fuels. LIfetime Membership in Carbon Free University: A comprehensive guide to Energy Production Systems.  Start with the Foundational Series and get totally free access to all new modules as they become available. This is invaluable if you want to save money and if you care about eliminating carbon emissions for the environment. What if you could produce all the electricity to power your home and what if you could sell the excess back to the Power Company? Have the Power company send you payments? Now, that’s a nice turn of events! Join our grassroots movement, educate yourself, save money and possibly make money while you help save the planet! Sweet! Learn all about it in Carbon Free University!  (That’s just one benefit of membership!) In addition we offer you a series of bonuses that will help you recover your investment by over 10 times! Video showing Odyssey Power Technology System in operation. Diagram of the system showing how all of its components operate together. Complete list of sub assemblers required to build this system. Where & how to purchase them including contact information. Also included; membership discount pricing for the parts &/or fully assembled units. Information necessary to claim your 30% federal tax credit.   IN ADDITION ... you will also receive the following:   $1,000.00 worth of food coupons. These coupons are of your choice---the same as cash and they are always current. . A “catalog” of energy savings projects, including instructions on how to build a solar panel for $100.00 or less. A prescription card that can be used at pharmacies throughout the country to save 60-70% on prescription medications. Just present the card to the pharmacist---this can easily save your membership cost. Plus, learn about membership at Get 40% cash backon over 5,000 different items.
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